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Although the vintage glass dome MIGHT have been an expensive acquisition all those years ago, it certainly is a wonderful piece to have and use for numerous celebrations held in our home. However, if you don’t have access to one, then a footed glass cake dome cover, works equally well.

Things to gather:
- Glass dome or glass cake cover
- Woodend base for the above or a footed cake stand plate
- I used a small piece of artificial grass which I cut to cover the base stand. You could also simply use moss sheeting.
- Grass covered or similar Bunny of your choice, or sitting standing Rabbit.
- I also used artificial white daisies and wild flowers, but mixed or other single Spring flowers would work equally as well.
- Wire to fit above to bunny for support
- Little birds’ nest and eggs to fill nest.

But basically, all you do is cover the base with a piece of artificial grass or moss sheeting. Place bunny into the middle on top of grass. Use a piece of wire to firmly fix flowers to leg or body of Bunny. Place nest, then fill with eggs.
Cover design with glass dome.

NOTE – you need to be conscious of width and height of
materials being use. Measure and cut as necessary.

Happy Easter!

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