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Waratah flowers into limited edition Minchinbury classic wine bottle. Design concept created for an Australian viewer who has a wedding coming up and wanted to use waratah as the floral theme to her wedding.

I found and fell in love with these bottles and just want to thank Minchinbury Australia for creating a wine bottle showcasing this magnificent flowers. And the great thing for me is sometimes just a few elements can create fabulous visual statements that look like you spent a small fortune.

Things to gather:
- Embellished wine bottle. If you can find that which suits your theme, then just decoupage the exterior of the bottle with something more in keeping. If decoupaging, don’t forget to seal the exterior to create a nice finish and protect the exterior.
- Single stem blooms. I used 1 waratah per bottle and place them at varying heights. Number will depend on the size of flowers being showcased or displayed.
- Candles: http://amzn.to/2bVW8Qw – I incorporated short red candles to bring the red of the flower at the base to anchor display.
- Water to fill wine bottles
- White table cloth, red table runner, glass stems painted with glass and tile paint or red nail polish into a water trough swirled around and then glasses dipped into water to create a marble effect stem.

And to finish the tables, red and white striped napkins

- Simply fill wine bottles with water, and insert one large waratah into each bottle.
- Place wine bottles onto a round or square white plate and place a candle to pull red back down to the table.

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