How to Change the Color of a Flower (to ANY colour you want!)

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I've been having a great time changing the colour of white hydrangea flowers using portable watercolour sheets. You can get these watercolour paints here: - it's an excellent way to match and tone with any d├ęcor, or perhaps you are looking for the perfect colour for your wedding. The paints are actually laid down into the sheets and with the water pen/brush, all you do is squeeze the pen down onto the colour desired and off you go!

You will need:
- Viviva water colour sheets: (use the code 'ASTARSPLACE' at the checkout to get an extra 10% off!)
- Flowers to be hand coloured
- Vessel to hold flowers once painted to allow drying
- Bowl of water
- Gloves
- Cloth
Not only can this paint be used on fresh flowers, it works equally well with artificial. It's so easy and the results are amazing. To paint my hydrangea I used sap green with a little light green along with peacock blue. They will dry a lighter softer shade if you dip them in water once painted.

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