Rustic Roses, Berries and Pods | A Fall Floristry Design (Part 2)

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I did this fall inspired floral design several months ago (see original video), and I mentioned at the time that once the base structure is in place, not only did it last for months – thanks to it being all artificial, if I wanted - I could incorporate other botanicals to quickly change up the look.

It really is the best type of designing for busy people. So, during the winter months when it’s cold and wet and I need a visual boost or a lift, I always reach for sunshine yellow. My favourite during this time is the strong and sturdy, always reliable, chrysanthemum. The smell and colour never fail to hit the spot when it comes to brightening up my day. They last a good week and once they are past their best, they can be replaced with something else!

In the language of flowers the yellow chrysanthemum symbolises happiness and joy. What better bloom to brighten your day?

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