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For the third Sewing for Beginners video, I'll show you how to make a simple makeup brush roll holder, that will fit nicely on top of drawstring makeup we made in lesson two. If you missed them, you can catchup here:
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For this lesson, you will need:
Fabric backed plastic table cloth
19” x 14” or 49cm x 36cm
Measuring tape, pins, scissors, matching thread, sewing
machine, self-sticking, Velcro dots or tape.

Turn to make a small edge hem around all sides of fabric.
Place fabric down on top of work surface, with wrong side up and longest side nearest you.
measure up about 5” or 13cm. Pin down sides to form a pocket.

Assemble all your brushes. Starting with the first, lay this down inside pocket opening. Mark by pinning, but allow just a little more room for ease of easy insertion in and out. Stitch down.

Repeat this process until all brushed have their own separate compartments. Fold over top and place a piece of Velcro to close, now roll up to close.

You might also like to fix a piece of tape of ribbon on front side of fabric to further secure brushes.

Happy stitching and sewing!
Astar xx

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