A French-inspired floral design of fresh LILIES for the holiday season... and much more!

Channels / Christmas Ideas

With Christmas not that far off, I decided that this year, instead of going the traditional route, I would share a design that can be for the holidays and also for many other events throughout the year.

The first thing to do is embellish the vase:
- The gold urn I’m using was seriously SUPER too gold for my liking, so I used the ‘RE-DESIGN’ brand of Middy Transfers. I used ‘French labels’. These are fantastic and all that is involved is cutting the transfer to size and then rubbing that down on top of the exterior of the vase. So easy.

Filling the container:
- I used several pieces of twisty willow
- Along with several stems of fresh lilies.

To take the design towards Christmas and the Holidays, I found a variety of gold baubles - some I painted black to connect back up into the branches and the black of the transfers embellishments.

On its own the vase/urn looks terrific & even better with flowers of your choice.

Happy crafting, happy designing and happy holidays!

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